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Dogs. Care and First Aid


BASIC DOG HEALTHCARE: Here is a useful guide from the Blue Cross.

VACCINATION: All dogs should be vaccinated against distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus and leptospirosis. Many vaccines also include parainfluenza, not essential but useful. In most cases when putting your dogs into kennels, kennel cough vaccination is also desirable. Rabies vaccination is only really necessary if you travel abroad with your dog. This link about vaccination below gives you more information, but it is provided by a vaccine manufacturer. For impartial advice about your particular circumstances you can talk to us.

NEUTERING: We generally recommend neutering your dog if not intending to breed from them. There is further information here.

WORM CONTROL: This is another necessity, but the frequency of worming depends on your individual circumstances. We use Milbactor on our own pets, and this worming link gives you more information. We are happy for you to talk to us for impartial advice concerning worming your dogs.

FLEAS: Fleas can be a real problem to dogs and their owners. But many people do worry unnecessarily about fleas and waste money over-treating pets and their houses, or using ineffective treatments. Here is a link about fleas and flea control. Remember that many of the drugs used to kill fleas are potentially dangerous and must be used sensibly and correctly. Please talk to us about treating and preventing flea problems in your house and the best options for you.

FIRST AID AND EMERGENCIES: There are some times when you don’t know if you need the services of a vet but would like some advice about what to do. First Aid treatment and a bit of reassurance can often be enough to calm you and your animal and therefore avoid costly Out of Hours treatment. Try this useful link for Basic First Aid.

NEVER give IBUPROFEN to your dog. Paracetamol and aspirin may be used in certain circumstances, but only give them under veterinary advice. There are many effective pain killers and anti-inflammatories specifically for dogs, but these are not the same as human drugs and none can be bought over the counter.

Here is some information about poisoning. If your dog shows signs of poisoning, contact the vet immediately.

We hope you find this information on Emergencies helpful, but always remember that if you are still concerned RING THE VET.


Certain breeds of dogs are subject to hereditary diseases. The British Veterinary Association runs three schemes to help dog breeders improve the hip, elbow and eye health of various breeds by screening breeding dogs and bitches for signs of hereditary disease. The information in the following links is useful not only for breeders, but for people choosing new puppies and wishing to do all they can to avoid these diseases.
                              EYES                            ELBOWS                       HIPS              


The Kennel Club provide information on many dog-related topics. Just be aware of their commercial interests in areas such as insurance.


Information about heart disease and diabetes in dogs.

Information on skin diseases and how to shampoo your dog.


Taking advantage of the Pet Travel Scheme needs careful advanced planning. This link takes you to the latest information from DEFRA. Be aware that by taking your dog abroad you may be exposing him to diseases we do not normally come across in this country.



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