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Animal Care

Just like humans all other living things require food, fluid and the correct temperature in order to survive. Obviously different species all have different ideas about what temperature is comfortable and noticeably different ideas about what is food and the best sort of liquid. It is important to learn about the needs of your particular pet. Some of the more exotic species have complicated needs, so when looking for a new pet make sure you know in advance what is needed.

Another thing that you need to bear in mind is that even the more usual pets such as cats and dogs may not thrive on the same diet you choose for yourself. Vegetarianism is possible for dogs with a carefully selected diet, but cats must have meat in their diet to remain healthy. Cats have a body which depends on substances which is only found in meat. Dietary supplements claiming to provide L-carnitine and taurine to make a vegetarian diet suitable for cats are controversial, and we cannot currently recommend them.

Pets also need exercise and the opportunity to play in order to stay physically and mentally well. Once again the amount and type of exercise is dependent on the species, tortoises don’t need the same sort of exercise as dogs do. However, exercise needs can also vary according to the individual animal.


Further information is divided into 3 parts. Cat Care, Dog Care and Care of other pets.


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