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1. Should I get my pet neutered?

    We recommend neutering of all cats and dogs not planned for breeding. Our neutering information sheet is found here

2.  Should i have pet insurance, and which company is best?

    Many clients find insurance to be useful. If do decide to take out insurance, and if you can afford it, we would recommend a policy covering the whole of your pet’s life. Annual policies are cheaper, but making a claim will often exclude that condition at renewal for the next year and every year afterwards. The Financial Services Authority do not allow us to give specific advice about insurance, and impartial advice can be hard to find. The site at this link currently offers impartial advice, but always be careful that advice may be sponsored by the insurers themselves.

3.  My pet is coming in for surgery. What do I need to do beforehand, and when they come home

    Our notes on surgery are found here.

4.  I have found a stray dog or cat. Who can help us?

    If you are able to bring the animal to us during normal opening hours we will scan for a microchip and attempt to re-unite with their owner. If this is not possible then dogs will be collected by the local dog warden for transfer to their kennels of choice. In the case of cats, we may recommend returning the cat to the area in which they were found, or the Cats Protection may take them on. We do not have the facilities to keep or re-home animals from the practice.

    If you are not able to transport the stray to us, or outside normal opening hours, then the Dog Warden or Cats Protection may be able to help directly. The telephone numbers for these are:

    Dog Warden: 01773 570222  (after 4:30pm - 01773 841414)

    Cats Protection: 01332 206956 (this is an answerphone line - they will ring you back)


5.  How can i request more of my pet’s medication?

    We require at least 24 hours notice for repeat medication and prescription requests (upto 1 week for epilepsy medications and some strong painkillers). You can either telephone us or come in to reception to order.

    Please note that, in order to supply medications, we need to see animals at least every three months. These re-assessments must be with a veterinary surgeon, and are charged accordingly. Re-assesment visits are necessary for us to check the patient’s state of health and ensure that the dosage and active ingredients of medications remain suitable.


6.  Do I need an appointment to see a vet?

    Yes, we operate an appointment only system at all times. In cases of emergency, when there are no appointments are available, we will still see you as soon as we can. We would appreciate you telephoning us in advance of any emergency visits - this will allow us to prepare and give the best chance of you being seen quickly.


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